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Your Week 12 College Football TV Schedule

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I’m going to be honest with y’all. The weeknight games this week are rough. Like you should probably make alternate plans rough. I suppose you could check in on Central Michigan and Ohio on tonight just to see if Jim McElwain has seduced any additional aquatic life. Thursday has Boston College/Pitt, which at one point in time might have been intriguing but now just represents what passes for football in the ACC. Friday night features Colorado and Washington State — a matchup that earlier in the season would have drawn some attention. But now it’s just two 4-win teams that you’ll be attempting to feign interest in at 1 a.m.

Thankfully, things improve significantly once we get started on Saturday. In the noon slate, there are a number of viable options. The obvious choice is #22 Utah visiting #17 Arizona in a battle for which Pac-12 Also-Ran can stay ranked. We also have #3 Michigan still sans khaki boy traveling to take on a solid, if unremarkable Maryland squad who could make a game of it for a bit. Then there is the high-powered offensive prowess of #12 Penn State hosting a middle of the road Rutgers squad (which for Rutgers is quite good). Don’t be surprised if the Nittany Lions find a way to Franklin that one up.

At 3:30, the eyes of a nation weary of mediocre Big 10 football turn to the rightfully restored #1 team in the land, your Georgia Bulldogs. The Dawgs will be facing off against #18 Tennessee at Neyland Stadium in a game which concerns me a great deal — not due to the Vols mind you, but because of that abomination of a field. May all UGA ACLs return undamaged. I’ll also likely periodically check in on the UNC/Clemson game, which could get fun.

The nighttime schedule includes the game that will likely determine Washington’s playoff hopes as the #5 Huskies take on the eager Beavers of #11 Oregon State. Additionally, you have Mizzou (fresh off their thrashing of Tennessee) suiting up against Billy Napier’s boys. The potential for schadenfreude is quite high as the Gators need a win against the #9 Tigers this week or the #4 FSU Seminoles next week to even have a shot at that coveted slot in the TicketSmarter Birmingham Bowl. Personally, I think the guys in blue and orange will be getting an early Christmas break.

The late night games... well let’s just say get to bed at a decent hour and prep for a potentially tiring week of Thanksgiving festivities.

That’s all for now, folks. Enjoy the rest of your week and get ready for a great weekend of college football.

Until later.