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Wednesday Dawg Bites Is Feeling The Chill

Georgia v Florida Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

There’s a chill in the air, and Florida and Tennessee have been effectively eliminated from the national title picture. If you don’t have a calendar, this is how you know it’s November.

Another sure sign of November? The inaugural College Football Playoff committee rankings for 2023 came out last night. To no one’s surprise the Georgia Bulldogs were in them. Also to the surprise of very few, they are not #1.

This is your weekly reminder that it doesn’t matter where you’re slotted in the first rankings. It’s all about the last rankings of the season. If anything I’m a little upset that the Dawgs weren’t ranked lower than second so Kirby would have more to work with.

Coach Smart noted that the cool weather helped make for a spirited practice on Tuesday in his post-practice press conference. He also teased his much anticipated Halloween costume: college football coach staying late at the office preparing for a top 20 SEC matchup with Missouri:

The faint chill in the air also brings with it the arrival of basketball season, a dreadful event for much of the history of this site, but now cause for the faintest of optimism as we enter the second season of the Mike White era. The Bulldogs looked sharp in their exhibition opener win over a veteran Eastern Kentucky team. They’ll open the season for real on Monday afternoon against Oregon in Las Vegas.

On the recruiting front yesterday Coach White followed last week’s big pickup of 2024 five star forward Asa Newell with a pledge from 2025 forward Jacob Wilkins out of Grayson. In addition to being a talented athlete in his own right Jacob is the son of the Human Highlight Reel himself, former Bulldog great Dominique Wilkins. The younger Wilkins is a long 6’7 and shows flashes of the explosive athleticism that made his dad an NBA Hall of Famer. If he also leads the ‘Dawgs to a Final Four I wouldn’t mind it in the least. Until later…

Go ‘Dawgs!!!