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Friday Morning Dawg ‘Bites

Being #1 ain’t easy. But enough about me. Go Dawgs!

Georgia v Auburn Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Way back when I was a kid, we used to get the Athens Banner-Herald delivered every day. Writers like Blake Giles and Billy Harper kept you plugged in to Georgia Football news long before social media, blogs, YouTube and dedicated recruiting sites were even a theory. The annual Kentucky game was often referred to as “The Hematoma Bowl” because of its always physical nature - no matter the records of either team coming into the game.

Where were you in '62 ‘78 when "Rex Robinson put ‘em ahead!" (if you were alive and old enough to remember)? I was working at the old Kroger on Broad Street. Actually, I was hiding in the stock room listening to the frenetic finish on an old transistor radio with the stock crew living and dying on Larry Munson's every word. I ended up getting a mild reprimand for not answering the PA to return to my bag boy duties, but it was worth it.

Yesterday, Lugnut Dawg game you the visual clip of the highlights from ‘78, but the radio-only call of the last drive is something special. Radio, for so many years, was the only way to experience the game. Sometimes, I think about how my parents and I would gather in the living room and just listen for a couple of hours or TV, no ridiculously long commercial timeouts, just the old Magnavox with the WRFC-AM and the static hum, crackle and buzz in the background. I sure miss this.

This still gives me absolute chills. “...and now...8 seconds...The DAWGS CALL TIME!” Classic Munson. We were so blessed to have him.

Just a little reminiscing from many years ago with a classic battle with an old familiar foe. Word has it this version of Wildcat is just as dangerous as that 1978 squad.

We are at home, it’s a nighttime tilt, and the crowd should be worse than bonkers.


Kentucky ran around, over and through Florida. We’ve had our issues stopping the run. How you feeling?

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  • 7%
    I have absolutely no idea how this will go. It’s a pick ‘em game.
    (10 votes)
  • 7%
    Kentucky is going to be a problem. Cats in an upset.
    (10 votes)
  • 45%
    Georgia finds a way, but do not cover.
    (64 votes)
  • 40%
    Dawgs finally get their mojo and cover.
    (57 votes)
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Our colleagues over at A Sea of Blue pose the oft-asked question whenever the Wildcats start the season strong. In a nutshell, they feel they have to slow Brock Bowers, get some explosive plays and come prepared.

Georgia is a much tougher opponent than Florida and may be the Wildcats’ toughest opponent of the season. If Kentucky wants a shot to win, they need to come prepared on both sides of the ball and capitalize on their red-zone opportunities, which they failed to do last season. - A Sea of Blue

Since the inception of the CFP, the #1 ranked team has ever never lost at home. Four times the top ranked teams has lost...all on the road

As of this writing, Georgia is still a 14.5 point favorite and Vegas has been consistent with this number for a few days now. Rumor has it Kirby is going to give his halftime speech just before kickoff. Slow starts begone!

You want some football weather? You’ve got it! It will be a spectacular early fall-like day with mild afternoon temps. Temperatures by the 7 PM kickoff will begin to fall into the “cool” category, so come prepared. The low Sunday morning will be in the mid-40’s. It’ll also be quite breezy. The kicking game could get interesting.

I know what I’m talking about. I used to be a professional liar weatherman.

Georgia’s offensive line has been inconsistent. However, they are feeling optimistic that they’re beginning to gel. Now would really be a good time to make some Jell-O.

RIP, Dick Butkus. He had the perfect name for a 1960’s middle linebacker. In his day, it was legal to decapitate the QB.

Folks, I wish I could be in Sanford Stadium on Saturday night. I think the place will be absolutely electric. Last week, I was genuinely worried about Auburn and that proved to be prescient. I didn’t think we’d lose, but I knew it would be a struggle.

Do I think we win on Saturday? I do. By how much, I don’t know but I do know this: I saw a team that has “been there before” take control in the 4th quarter. Confident teams are able to handle adversity a few times already this season. I wouldn’t complain if we had a comfortable win, though. Let’s get ‘em.

As Always, GO DAWGS!