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Chapel Bell Curve: The One Where Brock Bowers Knocks Over Freytag’s Pyramid

University of Georgia Campus Photo by John Powell/Replay Photos via Getty Images

Ring the bell, Bulldog fans!

The Chapel Bell Curve crew returns to dissect Georgia’s 27-20 victory over Auburn. Yara, Justin, and Nathan have a lot to say about this one, covering a broad array of topics including:

* Friends don’t let friends rush for 200 yards.

* Yara attempts to answer some of life’s big questions like “why is there a corn dog on my nightstand?” And “Is this (hunkered on the floor under a blanket and praying) how it used to feel to be a UGA fan all the time?”

* Is the Bulldog defense (recoils in horror) merely very good?

* Turnovers: turns out they still matter.

* Okay, we’ve seen enough to have a Frank conversation about the offensive line.

* How the 2023 Georgia Bulldogs have more in common with Shakespearean literature than you might think.

* Justin’s unsettling AI-generated romance novel continues, now with a cameo by T-Pain.

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Go ‘Dawgs!!!