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Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Is Looking At Options

Kentucky v Georgia Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Welcome to Tuesday, Bulldog Fans! Or as some of you may call it, the 17th of Brocktober. Unfortunately it is also the first full day of rehab for our favorite unicorn. Get healthy, young fella.

Those of us who follow the team closely know there are other targets for Georgia quarterback Carson Beck. But we are also aware Ladd McConkey wasn’t 100% available Saturday, and Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint came out of the game briefly. The emergence of both Dominic Lovett and Rara Thomas in recent weeks, and better than average production from Oscar Delp spelling and complementing Bowers, that there are options. Paul Finebaum doesn’t think so. I guess he needs to pump his viewership numbers.

With the injury to Bowers dominating the news cycle, and no Monday press conference for Kirby Smart, any other player status is hard to come by. While the OL did a good job after an injury substitution, I’m hoping Xavier Truss doesn’t miss much time. The left tackle spot is critical, and Beck did get sacked twice. I also hope Kendall Milton is active at the WLOCP, as the combo of Edwards/Milton is more potent.

Another week, another SEC Freshman Player of the Week award for Peyton Woodring. I guess making a career long field goal, and being perfect on 7 opportunities will do that for a guy. I don’t follow it closely, but the article references that Nick Chubb received 5 of these awards in 2014 - and he was sharing the backfield.

So you know how people feel about the placekicking game. What about the other position groups? There are a myriad of options to find this analysis, but as usual on a Tuesday we will turn our eyes inward to campus and the intrepid folks over at the Red & Black. Personally, I thought the grading on Carson Beck was a little tough. It’s hard to argue with high marks for the running backs, as they had steady production all game until busting the 4th quarter open.

I’m not sure if it’s been covered in Dawg Bites or not, but in this bye week and with hatred-of-a-thousand-suns-fueled-by-another-thousand-suns week on the horizon, I thought I’d share the two Bulldogs elected to the Georgia-Florida Hall of Fame (they have a typo on the website and in official communications - apparently the AI used to post was mistaking the pop-country band for the true name of the football game). Both of them DGDs in every sense of the word. And I love that one of Evil Richt’s finer moments was at this very game.

There’s another former Bulldog getting recognition too. The SEC has created it’s “Legends” class, each year recognizing former SEC football players making a significant impact. The Georgia nominee is none other than Knowshon Moreno.

Thanks for stopping by. We know you have a choice of things to do with no UGA football this weekend, and we thank you for choosing Air Dawg Sports. Be nice to others, hug your loved ones, and send a Chik-Fil-A nugget tray to the football training staff. And as always...