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Chapel Bell Curve Ohio State Recap: Sponsored By Ryan Day’s Curl Up & Dye School Of Beauty

University of Georgia Campus Photo by John Powell/Replay Photos via Getty Images

Nathan and Justin are back (Nathan quite literally) to review the Peach Bowl, and have some very poignant thoughts, including the following:

* Ryan Day’s weird beard.

* CJ Stroud: confirmed Manimal.

* Everyone’s favorite party game: is that a Joe Rogan Ohioan, or a Fred Durst Ohioan? No, there are no other options.

* Georgia’s Jeff Probst-ian effort: Outthinking, outplaying, and outlasting.

* Why taking the champ to the ropes requires being both lucky and good.

* But for real though, Ohioans are something else entirely.

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Go ‘Dawgs!!!