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Friday Dawg Bites Has One More River To Cross

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

(One more mountain to climb)

Whoa-oh, before I finish this race

(One mover river to cross)

If you’ve seen the ESPN 30 For 30, you know this song from the opening interlude.

Obviously, the Bills of the 90s are not a parallel to Georgia, but this team has had a season that so far as been beyond the wildest dreams that many outside the program could have thought last April - and at times in some midseason speed bumps. Now, 60 minutes of football stands between them and an incredible place in history - champions and undefeated.

On one hand, anything but a win would be a disappointment. On the other, this team has a chance to win a national title again, and that’d totally given the perception Georgia’s rivals may have thought last year.

Will Leitch over at the Waiting Since Last Saturday I think perfectly captures what I have been feeling a good chunk of this season. Odds are that this is THE greatest era of Georgia football. Yes, even surpassing 1980-82, a time that if you were not born or not old enough to remember, seemed like an Old Testament story from the Bible. You did not deny it happened, but it was hard to grasp what it was like to be the team consistently on top.

As you have likely heard by now, fans headed way out west are not the least thrilled with not being able to tailgate at SoFi Stadium. The resident of Georgia Governor’s offense, UGA alumnus Brian Kemp, joined the dawgpile in a story written by another Dawg alum Greg Bluestein, bashing the bright idea that someone had that it’d be fine and dandy to tell college football fans, known far and wide for tailgating, that they could not do just that as a city welcomes them for a visit.

As is noted, some fans have already improvised, as many fans are known to do. After all, this is the same Georgia fan base whose tailgating enthusiasm clashed with former UGA President Michael Adams, who may as well have been Faber College’s Dean Wormer yelling ‘no more fun of any kind!”

If you have any thought of things getting easier now that the Dawgs don’t have to game plan for Ohio State’s receivers, think again. TCU’s receivers, led by Quentin Johnston, are not only fast, but bring size, as well. Given that TCU ran tempo on offense against Michigan and Ohio State found success against UGA doing likewise, I’d expect the same.

A former five-star recruit to South Carolina plans to enter the transfer portal. The coach who recruited him to the Gamecocks is on Georgia’s staff, coincidentally.

Here’s an alternate history. Todd Monken as Tennessee head coach? His agent did make such a push in 2017...

With all the logistics of a game like this near LA, here’s to hoping Lt. Drebin & Police Squad are not in charge of security.

Go Dawgs!