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Three Questions Entering Georgia - TCU

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 31 Semifinal Game Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Photo by Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Wax poetic all you want, but there’s no other way to look ahead to Monday than this. Georgia goes for national championship No. 2 in a row against TCU.

It’ll be big, bad Georgia against TCU, the biggest underdog in this title game in quite some time, if ever. Sure, there’s no urgency of ‘if Georgia does not win, when will they ever’ like we may have thought at this time last year. But there’s also this - that this team, one that lost scores of players from last year’s dominating team, can carve its own legacy by going unbeaten and winning a title.

Heare are three questions as we look toward Monday.

Does Georgia have enough gas left in the tank?

For about three quarters against Ohio State, there was a thought among some Georgia fans that for as much as the Dawgs tried to rally back, it was too much of a hill to climb. Obviously, that got proven wrong in the final 15 minutes, but with such a grueling and emotional win, you do have to wonder how drained and physically taxed everyone is. Obviously, Darnell Washington is an injury question mark, but others are also nicked and bruised.

At the same time, TCU had a gut-wrencher of its own against Michigan. With its offense, TCU, like many employing the Air Raid, thrives on ‘basketball on grass’ and winning high-scoring games. Thankfully for Georgia, the Chick-fil-A Bowl has it freshly prepared. There are many keys to winning Monday, but the winner will likely be the team that’s best conditioned.

Is this Fresno State, Part Two?

Fans of the Georgia baseball program know what I am talking about.

In 2008, Georgia was primed for its second College World Series Title. Then came Fresno State from a non-mainstream conference. Underdogs at first, a funny thing happened - they didn’t play like underdogs, thanks in part to not having to use lesser bats such as Georgia (thanks, Nike bats). Regardless, they were an underdog that became a sentimental story. With a national sentiment that usually opposes teams winning back-to-back, it won’t be a shock to see most of America cheering against Georgia...which is just fine by Dawg fans.

Can Georgia’s offense weather the storm one more time?

It’s happened many times this year. Georgia’s offense has at times, been spotty but still done enough to win. Think Kent and Mizzou. Even against Ohio State, the fact that Georgia overcame a missed early field goal that should have been a touchdown plus an early interception made the win all the more remarkable given the Buckeyes’ offensive weapons.

TCU has its own brand of weapons that can score lightning fast, and if the game is a 60-minute track meet, the Dawgs may be dealing with their smallest margin for error of the season.

Go Dawgs!