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Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites says Let’s Groove

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl - Ohio State v Georgia
You smell that? It smells of... VICTORY!
Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Welcome to Tuesday, Fans of the Peach Bowl Champion, CFP Semi-Final winner, SEC Champion, and defending National Champion Georgia Bulldogs! If I wasn’t tired already from the 2022-2023 Peach Bowl, just typing our current credentials would do the trick. No matter, it’s a labor of love.

This is now a Georgia Football sideline wireless communications appreciation account. There. That’s the sentence.

If you gave up, and I did too, you’re in luck. We, unlike Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, Clemson, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia Tech, Auburn, and any other team you care to mention still have a meaningful football game to play as a result of the 2022 season. So we’re back with another installment of Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites.

All season, we have scoured the Billboard charts of autumn 1981 to see if there is a song that captures the most recent zeitgeist of the UGA football season. Why? It was the season following a long national championship-ending drought. Which 2022 is as well. And after such an unlikely victory over an state university from Ohio, I just say “Let this groove get you to move, it’s alright!”

This song was #3 on the first 1982 Billboard charts, having spent 14 weeks there so far. And after the sad passing of Earth, Wind & Fire’s Fred White, I felt it was only fitting to use this boogie-down as we celebrate our way to consecutive national championship game appearances.

Now onto news and notes of the Georgia Bulldog variety:

As is a weekly feature in Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites, we check the Red & Black for their assessment of each Georgia football position group. I’ll say this - they didn’t mince words.

Mincing might be the descriptive term used for observing the ambulation of the Canines as they return to the Classic City. Seemingly every drive Saturday night had one Bulldog or another heading for the sidelines with the help of training staff. Injury reports are all over the place (I don’t think Chambliss or Jones were mentioned), and it ain’t like Kirby Smart is about to be forthcoming. So take this with a grain of salt and add whatever updates you can find to the comments below.

If you were a highly-ranked wide receiver recruit, and you saw the just-shy-of-4-bills passing from Georgia in the college playoffs, would you turn your back on Athens? Florida high schooler Raymond Cottrell did just that, signing with the Texas A&M Aggies Monday. Reading a little deeper, UGA did sign 3 receivers on early signing day plus adding Mississippi State standout RaRa Thomas and Mizzou starter Dominic Lovett. Maybe some tea leaves.

Let’s talk about positive things. Like how Kenny McIntosh (insert giant GIF in the comment section by single-minded reader here) accepted an invite to the Senior Bowl. Yup, the South Florida native will be heading to Mobile in early February, joining a few others in Red and Black.

Georgia has opened as an early 13.5 favorite over TCU thanks to our friends over at TCU likes to throw it deep (gulp), has a running quarterback (yikes), and gets pressure on the opposing QB with minimal rush (ugh). This is why I don’t gamble on college football - a wise Dawg Sports commenter once said that people who do usually find the outcomes of squirrel races on minefields entirely too predictable.

This is really the quiet period. The news, analysis, and saturation won’t really happen until closer to the weekend. Just enjoy the fact that another B1G team has fallen to Georgia, and you’re fans of the still defending national champions. Who happen to have an excellent chance to repeat. And as always...