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Bennett’s Parade Lap Keeps On Going

NCAA Football: CFP National Champions-Georgia Celebration Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps Stetson Bennett could have phrased or reacted differently on stage during Saturday’s championship celebration. But he’s also within his right to harbor piss and vinegar toward a segment of the fan base that found way after way to doubt and tell him he was not good enough over the past three years. Both of those things can be true at the same time.

One of the greatest Dawgs of all time, alongside Theron Sapp, Herschel, Frank Sinkwich, and Charley Trippi will always be that - one of the DGDs of the DGDs. Last Monday, as the game became a blowout of epic proportions, you just knew at some point a curtain call was coming, and it was hard not to feel emotion, for an underdawg from Blackshear going from a kid that had to prove himself time and again to coaches and teammates to getting a sendoff you only see for legends of football lore.

His eligibility may be maxxed out in Athens, and he noted as such Monday night when he said his obligations to UGA ended with the final whistle. After the past two years, anyone in that position would be exhausted not just physically but mentally as well.

But Stetson Bennnett is not done taking a parade lap, and he did so in defecting off criticism volleyed toward him during Saturday’s parade.

As an aside, we can shelf the ‘he disappointed all the kids who look up to him as a role model.” Despite going to Auburn, Charles Barkley summed up athletes as role models succinctly.

To be fair, we’ll start with longtime Atlanta sportstalk jockey Steak Shapiro, who like many, appointed themselves as “parade conduct police” on Saturday.

Now...if you thought that the greatest underdog story in the history of college football was going to ease quietly into the’re wrong...starting with a response that began with, “Dear Mr. Med Rare...”

Go Dawgs!