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Three Answers From UGA - TCU

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Texas Christian at Georgia Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

There were many things to reflect on before Monday’s game. Of all those things, we settled on three of them, and here’s a look back at how they may or may not have lined up with the Dawgs’ National Championship win.

Does Georgia have enough gas left in the tank?

In truth, we should have asked this for TCU. It gutted it out to even make it to Monday, and they deserve full credit for beating Michigan.

But this Georgia team? It could not have been more driven, and with all the blocking out the doubters it had done, it had too many guys who would not allow this team to fall short. That grit does not happen overnight, it happens in the dearth of the offseason during conditioning. We have said many times - we learned more about this team’s grit against Mizzou than almost any other team this year. Times were rocky at times, but way too many people on this roster were determined to be even more special than last year’s incredible group. They did just that.

Is this Fresno State, Part Two?

Have you ever imagined Rocky III with just the final fight against Clubber Lang? That was Monday night. Individuals - mostly bitter Bama and Ohio State fans, can carry on all they want about TCU undeserving of being in this game. But you know what? If you want to get there, go out and don’t lose to an LSU team that Georgia throttled. Don’t let a late lead go away. TCU getting to this game was no fluke, and the Horned Frogs deserve tons of credit. The fact is that it didn’t matter who played Georgia this year - the Dawgs were clearly, as Bruce Springsteen said, “Tougher Than The Rest.”

Can Georgia’s offense weather the storm one more time?

The only question that needs to be asked is this. When does the Stetson Bennett statue get built?

Go....back-to-back National Champion Dawgs!