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Three Questions Going Into UGA-Samford

Samford v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

It’ll be home opener time this Saturday when Georgia hosts Samford. Here are three questions to keep an eye on as things are teed up Between The Hedges.

The Weather

Depending on what forecast you choose to observe, it’ll either be rainy or at the minimum wet on top of Dooley Field around kickoff at 4 p.m.

Given that, it could very well lend Todd Monken to let the running game stretch its legs, especially if it's windy. Kendall Milton could have a big coming out party, that’s for sure.

Will The Air Raid Test The New DBs?

One misconception about the Air Raid is that, at least today, teams should throw it all the time. Look at successful teams that run it, and it’s clear that a run game is also a big part of it to keep defenses honest.

Still, you’ll see some things with this offense through the air that you don’t see against other opponents, and it’ll be interesting to see how young defensive backs like Javon Bullard fare against a strong barrage of passes being thrown.

What About Edwards & Robinson

Not to sound overconfident, but if Georgia handles things as it should, reserves should again rotate in. Not to bring back demons of years past, but you are one or two running back injuries from an offense being decimated. That’s why I am really anxious to hopefully see Branson Robinson and Daijun Edwards see some time and what they can, to a degree do.

Go Dawgs!