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Cocktail Thursday: Samford Edition

old fashioned

If your Georgia Bulldogs are coming off a big win and hoping to avoid a letdown against a feisty Samford Bulldog team then you could probably….

Okay. Who am I kidding?

Georgia has absolutely no business being in a close game with this Samford team. This is normally the spot where I would highlight some key matchups, a point of emphasis, maybe a strategic thought or two. But when you’re the defending national champions and you just beat the #11 team in the country by six touchdowns without really even bearing down, you should have no trouble with the team picked to finish sixth in the SoCon behind powers like Mercer and Western Carolina.

This one should be easy. And in that spirit we’re going with an easy cocktail. Georgia should absolutely smash the Bizarro Bulldogs of Birmingham, and while watching that happen I intend to enjoy a peach bourbon smash.

You’ll need:

* 1/2 ounce brown sugar simple syrup

* 1 heaping tablespoon of peach preserves (not peach jelly, there’s a difference, and it’s a big one for purposes of this recipe)**

* 3 large mint leaves

* 2 ounces bourbon

* 4 ounces of ginger beer

Muddle together the preserves and mint leaves, pour in the simple syrup and bourbon, pour the mixture over ice, then top it with the ginger beer. Stir to combine and enjoy.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!

**For what it’s worth you can make this simple version of the classic bourbon smash with just about any fruit preserves. This weekend I used vanilla pear, and I’m also a fan of blackberry.