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Look At What’s Happened To Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 10 CFP National Championship Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome to Tuesday, Bulldog fans! You may not remember, but I single-handedly won the national championship when I shaved my facial hair between the Orange Bowl and the National Championship. You’re welcome.

And since you didn’t remember that nugget, I’ll refresh your memory that instead of cheesy 80’s pop on Tuesday mornings, you will get something from the Top O’ The Pops (or top of US Billboard charts) from the commensurate week of the season, only from the year of our Dooley, 1981. Because we won the natty the year before, and ‘round these parts we respect the past. Just ask our rivals, they fully acknowledge we’ve been living in 1980 for the past 40 years. So why not embrace it?

“Dismantling” has been an oft-used term this week in describing how Georgia beat Oregon Saturday. And a lot has been made of Stetson Bennett’s performance in the season opener, shocking some at the levels achieved (DavetheDawg seems particularly salty). When the unlikeliest of young people embrace what has been thrust upon them, and provide a service for the greater good, again no matter how unlikely, what other title would you bestow upon them? 1981 was good enough to provide the answer:

Now onto news and notes of the Georgia Bulldog variety:

The Prince of Pierce (TM macondawg) isn’t the only one collecting accolades. Christopher Smith II continued his tradition of SEC Defensive Player of the Week awards after the season opener (yeah, his pick 6 vs. Clemson got him the award last year). Six total tackles including one for loss and a timely Bo Pix helped keep the Ducks out of the end zone.

Unfortunately, Smith is already listed as questionable due to that vicious hit he delivered which apparently did injure his shoulder.

While not officially getting a certificate or anything, the much-viewed interception by freshman Malachi Starks did make the SportsCenter top 10. And the Banner-Herald gave it some due. Including quotes from the Jackson Bros. (Dangerous Dan and Krazy Kearis). The fact that he led the Bulldogs in defensive snaps says a little sumpin’.

If you really need to drive deep into personnel groupings and position group grades from the 49-3 Pacific Blowout, the intrepid folks over at the Red and Black have you covered.

Head Coach Kirby Smart waxed prolifi.... okay, he had a press conference Monday previewing the Sanford game, and he was Kirby Smart at his Kirby Smartiest. I can’t find a youtube, but has the press conference on their website without having to dig too much. Summary: he likes Beck, likes McConkey, plenty of “WTF” moments, loves Samford Coach Chris Hatcher, and SBIV is the holder because he was Camarda’s backup. If you watched most of the game on your phone like I did, these details escaped you. And you can’t make notes if your note taking medium is also your TV watching medium (curse you Empower Broadband Inc.!!!).

Look. We didn’t have significant injuries in Week 1, we won against a highly ranked Power 5 non conference opponent, and we play an FCS school in week 2 at home. There isn’t going to be a lot of press coming out of such a scenario. So go back and listen to the feel good selection of the week. And as always...