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Cocktail Thursday: Mizzou Edition

old fashioned

If your Georgia Bulldogs are headed out of town for an SEC East showdown after having one of those games that might make you doubt their status as a juggernaut, just a little bit, you could probably use a drink. I can help with that.

Georgia’s win over Kent State was a real Rorschach test of post-championship fandom. If you wanted to see a team replacing reliable stalwarts on defense and vulnerable to a crafty scheme, it was there. If you wanted to see a championship team fighting through some injuries and bad breaks and “gutting out” a 17 point win against a potential bowl team, well, you could see that as well.

I’m more in the camp that believes that Kirby Smart was correct last week when he warned that Kent State is a physical football team that does some unique things scheme-wise. Georgia played with some guys banged up, and make some uncharacteristic mistakes. There’s a chance that this was the Bulldogs’ one clunker on the year. Even great teams have them. It would certainly be nice if the Bulldogs uncorked their one stinker in a noon paycheck game them got back to the business of building a Red and Black Death Star.

That’s where the Missouri Tigers come in. The Fightin’ Drinkwitzes are not a great football team. They come into this one off a stupifying loss to Auburn in which they managed to spit upon the hand of victory both at the end of regulation and in overtime. They have a fairly good defense but among the worst offenses in the SEC.

These are the games in which a championship team grinds the opponent to powder after grinding out a win without their best stuff.

And what’s the drink for grinding the Tigers of ole Mizzou to powder? We’ve leaned toward mixed drinks so far this season, but sometimes an ice cold beer just can’t be beat. So I’m going with a Daily Rind, a tangerine wheat beer from Macon’s Fall Line Brewing. Full disclosure, it’s one of my favorite in all seasons, a refreshing wheat beer with citrusy notes that’s not too sweet.

It’s a palate cleanser that could be rivaled only by knocking Missouri around by five touchdowns. Until later…

Go ‘Dawgs!!!