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Friday Dawg Bites Is A George Pickens Appreciation Account

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images

Until his recent retirement, Hines Ward gave Georgia fans a reason to follow the Steelers, and in the process became beloved to Pittsburgh fans.

George Pickens is taking on that mantle as he made his national introduction to NFL fans last night. He’s open 99 percent of the time, by the way.

There are few better tools to sell the Georgia program than the NFL, and all of America saw first-hand the receivers that Georgia can churn out. That should resonate with many rising talents...while others such as Jermaine Burton opt for other opportunities.

After Florida’s fool’s good win against Utah, there was consternation about the Gators giving the Dawgs a tough fight at the WLOCP.

Based on what Florida has done since that was a massive jump to a conclusion. That’s where the scene shifts to UF’s game Saturday at Tennessee. If you came of age in the 1990s, this was THE GAME in the SEC. A family friend whose son actually played with the HBC highly enjoyed the space that the Gators took up in Tennessee’ heads, then.

Neither team is what it was then, but the game has some mettle...and should Tennessee win, the Vols game in Athens come November could end up being one of the more anticipated home games we have had in Athens since Notre Dame.

Georgia players want a night game and some Light Up Sanford. Us, too. Hopefully, ESPN does us a solid for the Auburn game.

Go Dawgs!