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Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: APR 16 Georgia Spring Game

Welcome to Tuesday, Bulldog Fans! You’ve been witness to 25% of the Georgia football regular season so far. It’s no secret that the Classic City Canines have run roughshod over any and all before them in 2022. While that is widely known, one would think that some schemes, plays, and looks have been kept under wraps in order to prevent future opponents from having film on that. It’s like a spy game, but is it one Coach Kirby Smart is willing to play?

I’d like to think so. It’s hard to say when your tight end runs an end reverse, and your Z receiver looked like he was about to throw downfield on another reverse. Then you toss in Cash Jones as a late game pick-me-up... how many cards can still be up the sleeve? Almost as secret is how to actually tune into the Kent State game. We continue to the Billboard charts of September 1981 (the year after our last national championship as a comparative marker) and see that many of these things are classified, marked “For Your Eyes Only”:

Now onto news and notes of the Georgia Bulldog variety:

If you win your conference opener in a blowout, on the road, at noon, and only a score with less than 1 minute to go and playing 4th and 5th stringers (or 6th stringers on offense), then you likely will gather some accolades. Per such:

Brock Bowers is SEC Offensive Player of the Week.

Stetson Bennett is Manning Award Star of the Week.

Kearis Jackson is named to the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team for his contributions to his community.

And if you wanted to grade out the position groups from Saturday’s 48-7 beating of the ‘Cocks (no word yet on if Dicks was in or out), then the Red and Black have you covered.

Then again, you can forget the media and talk to the coaches who face the teams week in and week out. You know what SC coach Shane Beamer said last year after a whoopin’. Now you can hear what upcoming Kent State Coach Sean Lewis said about his upcoming tilt against this version of the Bulldogs.

The good news is that the Bulldogs will be playing in Athens this Saturday. The not quite as good news is that this is another noon start. So if you’re lucky enough to be going to the game, plan accordingly. And if you’re not able to attend in person, start checking your TV or service provider to see if you get SEC Network+. That’s not SEC Network, that’s the alternate SEC Network channel. Good luck.

Do you tire of early starts and wish to see the Red and Black under the lights? No fear, that is coming soon. The October 1 game in the good Columbia against the Mizzou Tigers is now slated for 7:00 pm on the SEC Network. No word on if Todd McShay will be reporting from the sidelines, or like last time, I-70.

We know who won’t be at the Missouri game, nor the Kent State game, and apparently any other Georgia game. “Dealing with a personal matter”, William Poole is no longer with the program, and apparently, the University. As someone who came on so strong during the post-season in the championship run, I know you all join me in wishing the best for this young man who contributed to the Bulldog football success.

On the injury front, Jalen Carter will travel but is still day to day. AD Mitchell looks to be questionable, but possible, to come back since the opening play of the Samford game. Arik Gilbert is still questionable.

That’s all for now. But stick around for more fun at Dawg Sports as we build up to Saturday in Athens. And as always...