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The Friday Tailgate: Duck Hunting Edition

Florida v Georgia Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

It’s that time, everybody. Maestro, the music:

It’s the Friday Tailgate, the virtual gathering place in which we pass the time between the end of the work week and the beginning of the Georgia Bulldogs’ Saturday festivities.

There really aren’t a lot of rules here except that you don’t have to ask if you can have a plate, you can’t talk religion, politics, or Steve Spurrier, and if anyone yells “Go ‘Dawgs!!!” you’d better respond in kind.

Other than that you’re free to do what you wish, but as a sort of conversational starter, I’ll leave you with the season’s first installment of “Over or Under?” It’s our preferred party game for this piece and the rules are as follows: I’ll state a statistical proposition and you tell me whether the reality will be higher or lower than my number. Very simple. For example, if I say “MaconDawg will eat 2.9 barbecue sandwiches at tomorrow’s tailgate” and you think I’ll eat 3 or more you’d take the over. It’s so simple an Auburn grad could do it. Let’s get started. Over or under?

* Bo Nix will throw 1.9 interceptions.

* Arik Gilbert will catch 1.9 touchdowns.

*Brock Bowers will catch 1.9 touchdowns.

* Robert Beal will tally 0.9 sacks.

* Nolan Smith will notch 0.9 sacks.

* Georgia will turn the ball over 1.9 times.

* Oregon will surrender 1.9 turnovers.

* Branson Robinson will total 3.9 carries.

* Kenny McIntosh will have 2.9 receptions.

* Oregon will churn out 399.9 yards of total offense.

* Georgia will amass 449.9 yards of total offense.

Bonus: Give is your score prediction. Y’all have a great evening, and as our dear house mother would remind you, y’all be nice and play pretty. And….

Go ‘Dawgs!!!