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Three answers from UGA-South Carolina

NCAA Football: Georgia at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

Going into Saturday’s game, there were three things that were zeroed in on as what to watch for between Georgia and South Carolina. Here is how things shook out.

Can last week’s rust be shaken off?

Georgia’s offense showed some mortality when it punted in the first half. Otherwise? The start of the game could not have gone much better. Early red-zone trips resulting in field goals were a thing of last week as a 14-0 lead set the tone for how things would go the rest of the way.

You almost wonder if this coaching staff deliberately played it conservatively to provide motivational or teachable moments for the offense during practice this past week. We’re totally kidding...sort of.

Is there enough talent to outweigh the Williams-Brice Black Magic?

In case you wonder whether or not this team is on a mission, we learned Saturday.

Maybe it's having seen too many incidents of this team coming out flat in Columbia during the Richt, Donnan, or Goff days, but it’s high time that as fans we should expect this team to show up and execute. Saturday proved that. Kirby Smart has taken chances to point out Georgia has more talent than other teams it plays, and we saw that in Columbia as those players played up to that standard.

Does the defense face adversity for a change?

I’ll admit, I laughed this summer when there were actual hot takes that this game could have been an upset alert pick. There’s a reason why Spencer Rattler sought to transfer after losing his job. Why anyone thought Georgia’s defense would be in trouble because of an Oklahoma castoff with no weapons around him is beyond me.

This defense could have used a challenge Saturday, because it should face something more formidable against Tennessee, Florida, and Kentucky. If there’s something to be concerned about, this is it, because it is had to see this defensive group facing much opposition any time soon.

Go Dawgs!