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First Quarter Open Thread: Who You Callin’, Chicken?

Syndication: The Greenville News Joshua L. Jones, Athens Banner-Herald / USA TODAY NETWORK

It’s just about time to put toe to leather in Columbia, South Carolina. A few pregame notes:

* Looks like AD Mitchell is not dressed out, nor is Arik Gilbert or Nyland Green or William Poole. Kirby talked as if Mitchell was fine after he left the Samford game but it’s sounding more like they’re not going to rush him back. Gilbert remains an enigma wrapped in a riddle running a comeback route toward a puzzle.

* It’s going to be hot (heat index close to 90) and sunny in C’ola, and everyone will be in the sun for almost the whole game because Willie Brice is somehow simultaneously poorly designed, poorly executed, and poorly situated.

* I’m very interested to see how the ‘Dawgs start this one, but I’m perhaps more interested in how they finish it. Do they lose focus coming into or out of halftime? I suspect Kirby has had some behind the scenes thoughts on that topic this week.

Let’s fricassee some chicken.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!