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Your Week 3 College Football TV Schedule


COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 30 Clemson at South Carolina
Rarely have I found myself quite so intimidated...
Photo by Dannie Walls/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Last weekend was filled with wacky upsets and some early weaknesses being exposed in some of the traditional powers and trendy picks to win conferences and make the playoffs. We’ve also been treated to our first coach firing of the season. Don’t worry Coach Frost, I’m sure you’ll be able to just declare yourself the head coach at another school — and that will be every bit as real and acknowledged as your 2017 National Championship.

Looking at the slate of games, I don’t see quite as much potential for excitement and drama as we were treated to last weekend. But what do I know? I picked Notre Dame to beat Marshall like an absolute chump. What this weekend does have are some interesting conference matchups and some Top 25 contests out of conference that should start to give a little bit of clarity to the way things might be once all the cupcakes have been consumed.

So let’s get it started!

Your Week 3 College Football TV Schedule >>>> CLICK HERE!!!

And now for my viewing suggestions for each time slot:


Florida State Seminoles @ Louisville Cardinals, 7:30 pm - ESPN

FSU fans must be feeling pretty good so far. Coming in hot off that win over LSU. Maybe they’re even taking the Texas approach and thinking “We’re back!”. All very interesting. Almost as interesting as only being a 2.5 point favorite against a team that lost to Syracuse by 24. Somebody’s not buying what the Seminoles are selling just yet. Let’s find out if there are any obvious reasons why.


#1 Georgia Bulldogs @ South Carolina Gamecocks, 12:00 p.m. - ESPN

Ah, bless you people who are going to bake yourselves along the godforsaken ocean of asphalt around Williams-Brice. I’ll be in a cold room with a cold drink and a cold heart bent on the destruction of all chickendom.


#12 BYU Cougars @ #25 Oregon Ducks, 3:30 p.m. - FOX

I’d initially thought about catching the Penn State/Auburn game here, but honestly... I really don’t need to spend an afternoon seeing James Franklin and hearing Gary Danielson simultaneously. Plus this gives me a chance to start figuring out how much Baylor’s loss to BYU was worth and how much Georgia’s win over Oregon was worth.


Mississippi State Bulldogs @ LSU Tigers, 6:00 p.m. - ESPN

I just can’t help myself. So much crazy concentrated in one place... I can’t look away.


#13 Miami Hurricanes @ #24 Texas A&M Aggies, 9:00 p.m. - ESPN

Anyone that tells you they have the slightest idea what is going to happen in this one is selling something.

That’s all for now, folks. As we depart, I’d like to show my respect for our opponent this weekend, the South Carolina Gamecocks, by paying homage to one of their oldest and most celebrated traditions:

Until later.