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Monday ‘Dawg Bites Fears An Even Faster Jalen Carter

Georgia Bulldogs Spring Game Photo by Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images



Your Georgia Bulldogs are but one work week away from playing honest to goodness college football against the Oregon Ducks. You’ve probably got serious work to pretend to do in the interim, so let’s quickly get you caught up on what you need to know.

The updated Georgia football roster is out and there aren’t a ton of newsworthy items from that. Sure there are some jersey number tweaks (Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint is #1, no longer #81).

To me the standout news is that Jalen Carter is now listed at an even 300 pounds rather than 310. On the one hand, at a certain weight ten pounds here and there is sort of like taking a few mixed fruit trays off the buffet line on a cruise ship. On the other, the last thing opposing offenses needed this season is a Jalen Carter who’s a little bit quicker and a little better conditioned. I remain of the opinion that Carter may have actually been the best overall player on the 2021 UGA defense that included four first round NFL draft picks. It would be great to see him have a special season in the spotlight in 2022.

Our SB Nation colleagues over at the fantastically named Oregon outlet Addicted to Quack report that the Fightin’ Lannings have a few nagging camp injuries still but by and large are in excellent health headed into Saturday. I really like some of the players Oregon has up front on both the offensive and defensive fronts. But I’m not sure the Ducks are as deep up front as Georgia, and I could see that and an injury or two making a big difference this week.

The Ducks remain a 17.5 point underdog, a point of which I’m sure Dan Lanning has been reminding his team. In addition to a constant hunger for motivational opportunities, Lanning also shares with his former employer Kirby Smart a love for ambiguous depth charts. That’s why he may not name a starter at quarterback until the first snap of the game. It looks like the man under center will be either Auburn transfer Bo Nix or redshirt freshman Ty Thompson.

Personally, I’d be pretty surprised if it isn’t Nix. He clearly outplayed the other guys this spring and has been reported to be taking a majority of the first team snaps. But what is college football without a little petty gamesmanship?

We’ll be back later with more Dawg gone goodness. Until then…

Go ‘Dawgs!!!