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Catching Up With DJ Shockley

Georgia Bulldogs CFP National Championship Parade Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

A former SEC champion quarterback turned sideline report for The Georgia Bulldog Radio Network, DJ Shockley had one of the most unique perspectives of Georgia’s 2021 National Championship. recently caught up with Shockley, also part of the coverage team with Fox 5 Sports in Atlanta.

How exciting has this offseason been, as both player and broadcaster?

“Coming off a championship is always pretty cool. To see what Kirby has built around there, you just love that he is put the program in a really good spot. Obviously, as an alumni, you want your program to be one that you can brag to your buddies about all the time. Kirby has done that and it’s been fun this offseason.”

What’s your feeling about the team this year?

“I think they are still loaded. At running back, they have four guys, you talk about Stetson coming back and you have a reliable guy that won a national championship. The offensive line should be even better. My guy (Bryan McClendon) who is coaching receivers, he should have those guys playing at a high level. On the defensive side, that’s Kirby’s side of the ball, and if anything is going to be good, it’s going to be the defense. They have Jalen Carter and Nolan Smith. All those dudes are going to be good for them.”

You mentioned Bryan McClendon, who you played with. How cool is it for you to see him back in Athens?

“I talked to him when he was thinking of taking the job. He always wanted to be able to come back and come back to your alma mater just like any alum, and now he has a chance to make a huge impact on those kids who are there. I love to see it, I know the kind of work ethic he has and I'm looking forward to seeing him getting those guys to play at the high level.”

Go Dawgs!