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Bubba Champion’s Thought Of The Day: The State of Things.

Mississippi State v Arkansas
As Bubba would say, “There’s all kinds of crazy. Some good, some bad, some weird.”
Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

My longtime friend Bubba Champion is the biggest Bulldog fan I know. How big?

When Bubba got married at the Cedar Grove Baptist Church in 1997 his groomsmen actually set up a tunnel screen for him to walk through on the way down the aisle. It would have made Coach Donnan weep with joy if he’d only accepted the invitation.

Bubba went out on December 6, 2015 when Kirby Smart was named head coach of his beloved Bulldogs and got a bowl cut just like the new top ‘Dawg. His wife was pretty furious about how it looked in their Christmas card photos, but it had to be done.

Bubba Champion still eats boiled peanuts for dinner on every September 3rd to celebrate Charles Grant’s birthday.

He tried to buy Mudcat Elmore’s old car at auction as a 16th birthday present for his twins, Vince and Erk.

In Bubba’s house talking about Happy Dicks and Wally Butts isn’t cursing, but mentioning Bobby Dodd and Steve Spurrier is.

Bubba is the most Bulldog-born, Bulldog-bred, on the way to Bulldog-dead son of a gun I know.

He’a also a wise, wise man. And that’s why I’ll be sharing some of Bubba’s deep thoughts on life, love, and Kirby Smart’s affinity for the Mint front here on a daily basis until we’re all as Red, Black, and Brilliant as he is. First up, Bubba’s thoughts on the spiritual geography of the SEC West. Enjoy.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!