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Nuthin’ But A G Day Open Thread

Syndication: Online Athens Joshua L. Jones / USA TODAY NETWORK

Your Georgia Bulldogs are set to kick it off on ESPN2 at 1:00 pm versus, well, your Georgia Bulldogs.

The theme of this spring has certainly been youth, with the Red and Black looking to replace players all over from the 2021 national championship squad. Today will be a chance to see some of the guys who’re in contention to carry on that weighty legacy. Not a lot of starting spots are likely to be won on this soggy spring afternoon, but it should provide some clues, and as usual some excitement.

G Day after all doesn’t tell us a lot. Probably not as much as the day-to-day practice reps before it in April or after it in August. As I like to say, if G Day stats counted Torin Kirtsey would have been two-time All-SEC.

But it isn’t meaningless, either. Witness for example Brock Bowers’ emergence last spring. These are reps on a big stage against the best players the ‘Dawgs have on the other side of the ball. Plus, it’s another chance to watch that national title banner flutter in the air. Which is never going to get old.

So let’s enjoy some fellowship, let our optimism out of its cage, and above all not get anyone hurt. It’s once again Saturday in Athens!

Go ‘Dawgs!!!