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And around and around the merry go round we go: Coaching changes in football

Colorado v Colorado State

As another signing day passes, we get the annual follow up of coaching carousel moves, as common as thunder following lighting.

I know, I know, we just had moves like two weeks ago. And signing day just passed, with a cherry on top of another strong signing class under Kirby Smart. But while staffs tend to keep on a happy face and stay together through signing day, a flurry of break ups and moves tend to occur in the days that follow. Like unhappy marriages once the kids graduate high school.

And Georgia is no exception to the rule, with schools looking to steal whatever and whoever they can with that national championship allure. Because we just won a national championship a month ago. It’s a gravity so strong, it pulls the Tide to former Dawgs that have tangential ties to our coaching staff. So it should come as no surprise that Miami put together a package that convinced Jahmile Addae to bounce to Miami, after arriving just last year from West Virginia.

That gives Kirby Smart an opening he may fill internally, or assuming Scott Cochran stays an analyst instead of returning as an on field assistant, another spot on the staff to fill. Although given the way he stock piles off field staff, even if Cochran moves back to an on field role, it’ll create an opening that Smart will look to fill with the best possible option including perhaps former high profile coaches from elsewhere (as we’ve seen with Muschamp, Bobo, Faulkner, and others).

Given it’s a DB coach role, and that’s where Will Muschamp has been a positional coach before, it’d be easy to just slide him in to that spot and hire a special teams coach or perhaps other defensive staffer should the special teams become a mix of Todd Hartley, Will Muschamp, and others as has been done before. It should be noted that when hired as an on field coach, Scott Cochran was hired as the special teams coordinator role that would be open should Muschamp’s role adjust to co-DC/DB coach. Or Muschamp could stay as ST coach and co-DC, and Smart will look to add a pure DB coach that has himself and Muschamp able to whisper in their ear. There’s a lot of options here for the Dawgs.

One thing we do know, is that Muschamp won’t just take over the same role Dan Lanning had as co-DC and outside LB coach. Because the OLB coach is going to be former Colorado Buffalo Chidera Uzo-Diribe. After a brief stint following his playing career, Uzo-Diribe returned to Colorado to work as a grad assistant before catching the eye of Les Miles at Kansas. He worked his way up quickly with the Jayhawks before joining up with Sonny Dykes at SMU. He was moving with Dykes from SMU to TCU, but that move lasted little more than during the recruiting cycle before the opportunity in Athens called him.

So until the next time, which at the rate things are going, won’t be a long time....

Goooooooooo Dawgs!!!!