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Three Answers From UGA-LSU

LSU Tigers v Georgia Bulldogs Photo by Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/Getty Images

The way to it may have been more stress-inducing than desired at times, that’s for sure. But anytime you win it, an SEC championship is special. It’s even more special to do it undefeated. Georgia just did both.

Were there some glaring letdowns defensively on Saturday against LSU? Absolutely. But much like ‘teachable moments’ from last year’s SECCG loss going to into the Orange Bowl, this coaching staff has lots and lots to harp on with the defense. The bonus this time? They’ll do so with a newly minted SEC championship trophy at the football facility.

Are Georgia and Michigan about to game the conference championship game system?

Let’s be honest. Neither, Georgia, TCU or Michigan woke up and said ‘hey’s let’s lose on purpose to send a point,’ but it’d have been something else if they did.

There’s obviously always been a concern ever since the start of conference title games that you’d lose a title shot just for having a conference title game - Roy Kramer should probably have named a grandchild after Antonio Langham for his interception to get Alabama a win in the inaugural SEC championship game in 1992.

The fact is - too many people in these elite programs compete to not want to win a conference title. It means something to Michigan to be back-to-back conference champions, and in a year where this Georgia teams has had a drive to be different than last year’s team and do what it didn’t do - just that was accomplished.

Can Georgia’s defense set the edge against Jayden Daniels?

You could easily tell that Daniels was not good enough to stay out there long, especially after his ankle was aggravated. On one hand, it should be surprised LSU kept Daniels under center so long. Insert your own comment here about LSU ‘s head coach, Notre Dame, and a scissor lift.

Obviously, Daniels’ mobility was a non-factor, but LSU’s receivers making plays most definitely was. Thankfully, Georgia had enough of a cushion to where Garrett Mussmeier was throwing it all over the yard. That may have gotten some yards and points, but the more you throw it down by a lot, turnovers are bound to happen to stunt that momentum, which is exactly what happened.

Can UGA’s offensive line prevent the Tigers from being disruptive?

Let’s put it this way - LSU registered zero sacks. This team may slop around at times, but when it’s hair is on fire, it may was well have thrown kerosene on it. Much like the Oregon and Tennessee games, when this team is out to send a message with vengeance, it does so in a large way. Here’s to hoping for two more games of the same.

Go Dawgs!

Go Dawgs!