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First Quarter Open Thread: Let’s Crack Some Nuts.

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

I don’t know what Kirby Smart is going to tell his team before this game kicks off. But I’ve heard him speak enough over the past few seasons to have a good idea what he’s preaching. If I had to guess, the watchwords for tonight are poise and physicality. The team that wins this kind of big time matchup is usually the one that manages to keep its collective wits about it, so as not to beat itself, while at the same time asserting its will up front. Heads-up physical football is what Kirby Smart has single-mindedly attempted to ingrain into his team’s DNA. He’s crafted a team that’s built for this kind of game, because these are the kind of games you must win to hoist championship trophies.

I like Georgia’s depth and talent up front in this one if the Bulldogs limit mistakes at the skill positions.

Let’s go watch some Georgia Bulldog football (TM)

Go ‘Dawgs!!!