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Playoffs?!?? How To Watch Georgia/Ohio State And Michigan/TCU Plus Odds & Ends

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Iowa State v TCU Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

The day is finally here. Georgia will take on Ohio State and Michigan will grapple with Texas Christian to set the matchup for the 2022 college football national championship game. Also, Iowa will play something that sort of looks like football, and what’s left of Alabama will play in the Sugar Bowl. But you are not obligated to watch that, especially the Iowa part.

Michigan and TCU will kick it off on ESPN at 4:00 eastern on ESPN, with the Bulldogs and Buckeyes to follow at 8:00, assuming the first game is over. Given the Horned Frogs’ penchant for late game hijinx that’s no guarantee, so expect a late night in Atlanta.

Both games will also be available for steaming through ESPN+. If you need a way to stream not only college football but a ton of other great live sports action, Sling TV appears to be running some solid deals, and has a wide variety of programming to choose from. Check them out for your cord-cut viewing needs.

Georgia has slipped down to a 6.0 point favorite over Ryan Day’s squad over at DraftKings, pretty firmly the closest line of the year for the ‘Dawgs. That makes sense given the talent on the field and matchups. Georgia is going to have to stop a potent Buckeye offense, and if they do they should be fine. Otherwise this one could come down to who can put points on the board late. We’ll be around throughout the day with some last minute analysis, and obviously here for the action tonight.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!