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The Winning Smart Victory Post: The Wrecked Tech Edition

Georgia players celebrate their win over Georgia Tech in an NCAA football game at Sanford Stadium in Athens on Saturday, November 26, 2022. Georgia won 37-14 over Georgia Tech.
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Last week, I was feeling very nostalgic and very sad. I was missing Podunk terribly, and while that NEVER goes away, it waxes and wanes (not with any predictability, either).

Podunk ALWAYS loved clean old-fashioned hate week, and even more so after my firstborn decided to matriculate at GT. They often jabbed at each other during the week (via phone, text or social media) and during the game itself (regardless of whether or not either of them was attending the game). Come to think of it, I don’t think Podunk ever got to attend the GA-GT game in person. During daughter’s years at GT, I know she attended every home game she could, and she was actually a season ticket holder for 2-3 years after she graduated, so I know she was in person for probably 4-5 games between 2007-2015 or so. I never considered taking anyone else with me for yesterday’s game. When I asked her if she wanted to join me, her only concern was that I know that she would be dressed as a true GT fan. I always expected that of her, and Podunk did too.

Noon games hurt when you are an hour-plus away from Athens. In order to be sure to arrive in time for pre-game festivities, we had to leave at 8:30AM. We are NOT morning people. Getting up at 7:00AM on a Saturday just sucks.

Daughter required a picture of the two of us together before we left, and posted it on Facebook:

I always hate pictures of myself, but this one isn’t too terribly bad.

We arrived in Athens in plenty of time, but the intermural fields parking was closed (Does anyone know why they do that? How can I know that before I leave home?). We procured parking at my second favorite spot, and we set out for the stadium. Daughter greeted all GT fans she saw (and they responded in kind). We were able to see all the pregame festivities (senior day, band pregame, etc.) and get food and drinks before we got to our seats.

Daughter agrees with us that the officiating was horribad. Her take on the targeting call: “Why would he (the player) do that?! There’s no excuse for that. I’m embarrassed.”

In the end, the game ended as we expected, regardless of the officiating, and a good time was had by all.

However, it is our intention to celebrate Georgia Bulldog Football Wins whenever and wherever they occur. The ugliness or beauty of any particular win is irrelevant for the purposes of the Winning Smart Victory Post. It is therefore my deepest honor and privilege to bring to you this week’s edition of: The Winning Smart Victory Post.

Coach Kirby Smart coached his 93rd game tonight for the Red & Black. He currently boasts a 78-15 record and a 0.8387 winning percentage, having carded his seventy-eighth win overall over the North Avenue Trade School.

At the identical juncture in their careers:

Vince Dooley’s 93rd game as head coach resulted in a Georgia Bulldogs win over Vandy in the sixth game of the 1972 season, giving Coach Dooley a record of 64-25-4 and 0.7097 percentage.

Coach Mark Richt was 74-19 (0.7957) after a win over Georgia Southern in the first game of the 2008 season.

Ninety-three games into his head coaching career Kirby Smart is four games ahead of Coach Mark Richt and ahead of Coach Vince Dooley by 14 games. As of now, he is holding his own versus the two winningest coaches in Georgia Football History.

As always . . .

Go ‘Dawgs !!!!