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Three Answers From UGA- Tech

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Despite more risk of high-blood pressure against the Georgia Institute of Technology than seen in recent years, the final result was the same - a win over Georgia Tech.

Obviously, the first half was less than desirable, and you saw the result of one team that put all its eggs in Clean Old Fashioned Hate and the other that was looking to just get it over with.

Can Georgia coast into next weekend?

I’ll say this. The slow start of the past few weeks is concerning. To go with slowly moving the ball offensively, the opening defensive series could not have gone much worse for the Dawgs. Tech found success on the edge on its first drive, but Georgia adjusted as the game went on, most notably in giving up one single yard in the third quarter.

Georgia did some good things, but those were overshadowed by self-inflicted miscues that makes you wonder one - did this team exit the Tennessee game knowing what they had to do to stay unbeaten and not needing to go beyond that? Or two - has the pre-Monken man-ball offense returned?

It’s odd, but this team is 12-0 and as Georgia fans, we don’t truly know how good this team is. That’s exciting and also scary.

Can Georgia’s crowd overcome the Noon start time?

Minus the students in the upper deck and end zone not being back on campus, the stadium was mostly full and loud. It was not Arkansas last year loud, but plenty noisy. Tech navigated that to a degree with minimal pre-snap penalties, but you could tell changing plays was a challenge.

That, of course, didn’t faze a determined Georgia Tech team with a 7-0 lead. The stadium really had a feel for a half of, “ok, really, this was funny for a few minutes.’

The crowd did its part early, but at the same time, Georgia needs to take advantage, and the first half was not the case.

Were the last two weeks an offensive fluke?

Let’s give Stetson Bennett credit. He at least did not overthrow the mammothly tall Darnell Washington.

Hope that the recent red zone woes were a fluke did not go away, as once again, the game turned into a bit of the Jack Podlesny show. Part of that, of course, was due to very, very suspect calls, but at the same time, you have to be in a position to not rely on 2-3-4-5 calls to impact a game.

It was good to see Kenny McIntosh continue to get on track - the wheel route touchdown in the second half was a thing of beauty. The exciting thing about the running back room is the waves at which guys have trended. You have seen flashes and spurts from McIntosh. Kendall Milton, Branson Robinson, and Daijun Edwards. And as we go through the next three games, there will be times that someone may be needed to spark things -see James Cook last year.

Go Dawgs!