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Second Half Open Thread

Georgia Tech v Georgia Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Georgia has struggled to overcome some malaise and some interesting officiating to secure a 10-7 halftime lead in Athens.

Two stats probably tell you as much as any about how this one remains so close. The first is that the Jackets are 3 of 7 on 3rd and 4th down conversions, which both led directly to points and allowed the visitors to keep the UGA offense off the field. The second is that Tech is averaging 3.7 per carry on the ground, a full 0.6 yards per rush above the Dawgs’ season average. That’s also put the Jackets in makable third and short situations.

Last week following the Kentucky game I bemoaned the Red and Black continuing to play with their food a little. BecUse you can only do that so many times before you eventually choke on it. Here we are once again.

Make no mistake, Georgia gets the ball to start the second half and if they don’t put seven points on the board they are legitimately in trouble in this one. They’ve had some help from the officials and some clutch plays by the Jackets, but this game is closer than it should be due in no small part to lackluster effort from the home team. Poor tackling, spotty communication, and some inconsistent play up front have turned what should have been a second half break for the starters into a four quarter battle. That’s unfortunate, but I hope the Athenians will learn from it (he said once again).

Go ‘Dawgs!!!