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Friday Dawg Bites Really Hates Those Guys

NCAA Football: Georgia at Georgia Tech Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

“I really hate those guys...” - Vernon Wormer, Dean of Students, Faber College

This is a hill that I won’t die on, but will certainly spend some time fighting on it.

Georgia Tech is the biggest rival.

Yes, I know fans near the Tennessee, Florida or Alabama border may disagree. The same goes for those near Augusta or Lake Hartwell.

But you, in no certain terms ever want to lose to The Enemy.

You want to know how Georgia and Tech are different? Georgia obsesses over championships. Tech obsesses over just beating Georgia, which is why any win over them is sweet.

In this modern era of college football, Georgia has all it needs at its disposal to continually dominate Georgia Tech. Sure, you'll have flukes ever so often. As for Tech, its location and old-blood alumni have it in place to, while not a top-five program, the elements to be able to be a solid six or seven-win program. Time will tell if Brent Key is entrusted to seek that.

To quote Ray Goff, “If you think that Tech is not Georgia’s biggest rival, just lose to them once and you’ll find out.”

In the NFL, Georgia Pickens gave some great recruiting fodder...

Repeat after me. It will not rain on Saturday, it will not rain on Saturday...

Georgia Tech interim head coach Brent Key is obviously coaching to have that interim tagged removed, and it would be an all-time top-five worst losses for Georgia should Tech pull the upset and win Saturday.

Key offers his take on what sticks out when game-planning to face the Dawgs.

One of the lazier takes in Georgia football fandom is to say that Buck Belue is only notable for spending two seasons handing off to Herschel Walker.

He should be revered alone for what he did in 1978 against Georgia Tech...

Go Dawgs.... and THWGT