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Cocktail Thursday: Nerd Alert Edition

old fashioned

If your Georgia Bulldogs are looking to finish up a second straight undefeated regular season against their pesky little brother, you could probably use a drink.

I can help you with that.

I tend to find stereotypes of opposing fan’s inaccurate, if not socially counterproductive. In truth, I know a lot of Auburn fans who outside of college football fandom are lovely people. I also know some Tennessee fans who are eminently reasonable, and some Alabama fans who’re grateful for and realistic about their team’s success.

But I’m afraid Georgia Tech fans are generally just as dorky and socially maladjusted as we make them out to be. So far as I can tell they try to compensate for it by bragging about how much money the average Tech grad makes, one supposes because Tech doesn’t have a philosophy department where they could learn that money doesn’t buy happiness.

Yeah! Suck it, Public school teachers, first responders, service members, nuns and other assorted losers who don’t make that sweet Yellow Jacket bank!

The truth is, dear Bulldog fan, you’re cooler than they are. That doesn’t make you better. Just cooler. Brent Key could turn that rambling wreck of a football program around and beat the ‘Dawgs ten years running (stop laughing, why are you all laughing?) and you’d still be cooler.

And how should you toast to the fact that no matter what happens the North Avenue Trade School will always be little brother? With the beer preferred by arguably the coolest man who ever lived: Steve McQueen.

When he wasn’t busy being the biggest star in Hollywood, riding vintage motorcycles, or flying vintage biplanes McQueen was known to kick back with a Lucky Lager, a down-to-earth beer with 4.8% alcohol content which was also favored by Walter Matthau (it’s what he hands the kids to celebrate with after a win in The Bad News Bears, because the 1970s were quite something). Lucky has variously been brewed in California and Canada and is now available under the 21st Amendment label of the Pabst Brewing Co., though like a Tech fan in Bobby Dodd Stadium after halftime, it may be sort of hard to find. It’s unpretentious, cold beer that goes down well after a day of fishing off the coast of Catalina or beating your instate rival for the eleventh time in thirteen tries. Until later…

Go ‘Dawgs!!!