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Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Says You Can’t Do That

Auburn v Georgia Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Welcome to Tuesday, Bulldog fans! And welcome to another riveting version of Clean, Old Fashioned Hate.

Do you want to attend a university that runs a high school offense in it’s football program? For almost 2 decades, they were doing that. Do you want to then hire a coach who is more famous for standing on tip-toes and having in-game calisthenics than wins on the field? If you were at Georgia Tech this fall, then you can do that. Do you want to fire said coach, hire an interim and see a sudden resurgence and capture a few unlikely wins putting you on the bubble of bowl-eligibility? You’re at Georgia Tech, you can do that.

Do you want to upset your most hated rival, the big brother that has beat the ever-lovin’ brakes off you the last 20 years, crushing you the last 4, and had a 45 point margin of victory in your 2 most recent matchups? Let’s see what the Billboard charts have to say about your chances - we check November of 1981 (the season after a UGA national championship) and find those profound sages and sources of many a hip-hop sample for the answer:

You may be at Georgia Tech. But Kirby Smart is back at UGA. And he says you can’t do that.

Now onto news and notes of the Georgia Bulldog variety:

You saw the Kentucky game, I saw the game, and the intrepid folks at the Red and Black saw the game. They just put fingers to keyboard and laid out reasonable grades for each position group. I’m still going to have to disagree with them on the receivers and O-line.

The ahem Georgia offense ahem in Lexington wasn’t going to get many awards (Kenny Mac had a nice night). But a stout defense and no errors on special teams meant the SEC might examine the performance more closely. As a result Nazir Stackhouse won SEC Defensive Lineman of the Week thanks to one of his best games as a ‘Dawg. And Hot Pod’s foot was perfect on the night and he shares the SEC Special Teams Player of the Week.

Georgia is 11-0 on the season, #1 in the country, undefeated in the SEC, but not everyone was thrilled how it went down. May be the next best news coming out of Lexington is that there wasn’t significant injuries suffered.

As the season winds down, the national awards are narrowing down their lists of candidates. And Brock Bowers is now a semi-finalist for the Biletnikoff Award (the best collegiate receiver regardless of position). He, along with Jalen Carter, is already one of four finalists for the Lombardi Award.

Saturday is Senior Day for the Bulldogs, with those upperclassmen receiving special recognition. Who gets recognized is really anybody’s guess. There are only 3 players on the roster who will play their last game in Sanford Stadium this weekend: Christopher Smith, Robert “Bobby” Beal, and Stetson Bennett IV. Those otherwise eligible have another year to play thanks to the NCAA COVID ruling. Plus, the transfer portal window opens up so players who leave may never get this recognition at the University of Georgia.

If you’re on the younger side, you may not understand the ire directed towards North Avenue, Capital City. Here’s an article with a brief history and why the rivalry isn’t quite what it used to be.

It ain’t gonna help them this year, and it won’t even help them next year, but maybe the Yellow Jackets have some hope with this 2024 commitment from little ol’ FPD in Macon.

That’s the news for now. Feel free to post any updates in the comments below, or just let the COFH flow through you. And as always...