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Three Answers From UGA-Kentucky

Georgia v Kentucky Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Can Georgia take the life out of Kentucky Early?

The Bulldogs had a golden chance to do this with Kentucky’s botched kick return and early chance to score, but that was missed out on as the opening drive amounted to a 3-0 lead.

What Georgia did on Saturday was the classic case of letting a lesser opponent hang around and giving it a belief it can win. Sure, the 6-0 lead only building to 9-0 by half may have been the result of getting burned for going aggressive last week to end of the half, but there was a chance to take full control early on that was not taken advantage of.

How will the adversity of weather be handled?

Sure, the cold was not comfortable, but the bigger factor was the wind. Stetson Bennett had a hard time getting the ball to open receivers, and that’s because Kentucky blanketed things in the intermediate passing game, all but daring Georgia to throw it deep in the gusty wind. It played a factor as it put more pressure on the run game, and frankly, Georgia’s run game did not perform at the level it needs to. It was good enough to win, but will it be good enough against LSU or in the CFP? Probably not.

Can the tone be set now for the LSU game?

Whether it was run-blocking, short yardage or being able to put the game away, Georgia failed in sending a message. The fact that with five minutes to go, the game was, loosely, still in doubt should be a concern. It really felt like last week in Starkville, where the goal was, no matter what, just get a win and get home.

The bottom line is winning, and Georgia was not the only top-five team to struggle in that regard on Saturday, but this team the past two weeks have not been the appearance of one with all cylinders clicking. There’s more chance to do so prior to Atlanta with Georgia Tech on Saturday, and there are few opponents Georgia fans would like to see dominated many more than those from the North Avenue Trade School.

Go Dawgs!