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Three Questions Entering UGA-Kentucky

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 16 Kentucky at Georgia Photo by Jeffrey Vest/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Can Georgia take the life out of Kentucky Early?

We’ll see one of two things from Kentucky on Saturday. It’ll fold as its soul got ripped out last week in a loss to Vandy (losing to the Commodore 64s will do that), or will come out of the corner punching and swinging to make a statement.

Regardless, Georgia can make sure it has no chance to make such a stand by playing sound, mistake-free football from the opening kickoff and starting putting the game away early.

How will the adversity of weather be handled?

We saw a bit of this last week, but in case you did not get the memo this week, it’s rather cold, and one thing that comes with the SEC shuffling the schedule around is that Georgia draws an SEC foe from the northern reaches (see Tennessee last year).

As a result, you get at least one ‘cold weather’ game, more than likely, something that you are not very used to. The obvious result is that hard hits feel harder.

The bottom line is that its something these players are not as used to, so we’ll see if it makes any difference at all.

Can the tone be set now for the LSU game?

Let’s be realistic. This week and moreso next week against the North Avenue Trade School, Georgia is facing two teams that it clearly out talents. Yes, Kentucky gave Georgia one of its more physical tests last year, but this year has shown that the Wildcats have not yet replicated that level of play.

The last thing you want heading to Atlanta is the be sloshing around in a lackadaisical stupor. That’s why this team needs to post two easy wins going into Atlanta to set the tone.

Go Dawgs!