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Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Says I’ve Done Everything For You

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 29 Florida vs Georgia Photo by John Adams/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome to Tuesday, Bulldog fans! And here we are, SEC East winners yet again. I hesitate to say “champions” because that really belongs to the overall conference winner in my opinion. I’ve heard both Kirby Smart and Kearis Jackson say that they have bigger goals ahead of them, and I agree.

Yet the season isn’t over. And we travel to one conference opponent, while awaiting the arrival of our in-state rival. As SEC East winners. As the undefeated. As the #1 team in all the land. So we’ve done our part. Now what have they done for us? Where is the pre-season top-10 Kentucky program resurrected by a storied football family progeny? Where is the divisional foe we must beat to get to the SEC Championship game, as we did several times the last 5 years? Where is the multiple national championship winner, the historical titan, the little brother now playing foil at inopportune times?

If you’re frustrated there isn’t much sauce left on the season’s schedule, we look back to the Billboard chart of November 1981 - like now, a year removed from the last Georgia national championship. And we find a heartthrob and soap opera actor expresses exactly what we all must surely feel:

Now onto news and notes of the Georgia Bulldog variety:

There isn’t much left to say about the 2nd half dismantling of Mississippi State that hasn’t already been blogged and tweeted. But if you read this column on Tuesdays, you know that I have a fondness of the intrepid young folk at the Red and Black and their weekly feature grading the position groups. I’m not sure I’m in total agreements, but the reasoning is sound and it’s a good reflection point.

The time and broadcast partner for Clean Ol’ Fashioned Hate has been announced. Is it a night game in Athens? No, no it is not.

“Anybody know our record in Mercedes-Benz when donning the home reds?” (Assistant pulls me aside and whispers some pertinent information). “Folks, we’re going to cut this session short. Thanks for coming, and drive safely.”

Head Bulldog Kirby Smart held his weekly preview press conference. He had high praise for Kentucky Coach Mark Stoops, Wildcat quarterback Will Levis, and even the UK home crowd. There wasn’t much in the injury update: AD Mitchell might have re-injured himself in the Auburn game, but is getting better. No word on if he is ready to play against Kentucky. That’s fine - keep him healthy for the SEC Championship Game and the playoffs.

Dawgnation was able to glean a little more from the press conference and the Monday practice about which Bulldogs will be making the trip to Lexington.

Looking for a handy reference of where the 2022 Bulldogs stand compared to year’s past? Thank these folks for compiling it (warning - no comparison to season-to-date, just comparing to previous seasons under Kirby Smart).

The College Football Playoff rankings come out tonight, weirdly late so ESPN can squeeze in some Nielsen ratings on basketball games a lot of people just aren’t in the mood for right now. With last week’s top 5 all winning comfortably, the only shakeup will be the “first out” and who is poised to make a jump after rivalry weekend.

With Kentucky fading fast, especially giving Vanderbilt it’s first conference win in years, there isn’t too much hype for this week’s conference tilt. At least there aren’t delusional Vol fans tweeting their credibility away, ruining everyone’s timeline. So enjoy being immersed in red and black, check back throughout the day for more updates, and as always...