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Chapel Bell Curve Mississippi State Review: Welcome to Ladd McConkey’s Members Only Roblox Pickleball Club!

University of Georgia Campus Photo by John Powell/Replay Photos via Getty Images

Ring the bell, Bulldog fans!

Justin is off globetrotting, so for this episode he surrendered his seat to Yara, CBC’s crack social media intern and noted Gen Z’er. Yara and Nathan discuss the Georgia Bulldogs’ 45-19 win over the Bizarro Bulldogs, touching on:

* AD Mitchell, who continues to elude the playing field and Yara’s efforts to find him on campus. But for how much longer?

* Does Ladd McConkey play Roblox? Just kidding, what do you think Ladd McConkey serves in his cat-friendly Roblox restaurant? I’m betting on baklava.

* The penalties: Mississippi State fans aren’t going to like what the advanced stats say about their impact on the game.

* Outside the Hedges, for seven minutes this weekend Bo Nix was actually having fun and playing like a dark horse candidate for Heisman. And we sort of have to talk about that. And the fact that he shares a birthday with Samwise Gamgee.

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Go ‘Dawgs!!!!