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Three Answers From UGA - Mississippi State

Georgia v Mississippi State Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

We had three questions to mull over going into Saturday night in Starkville. Here’s how well those were answered in the Dawgs’ win.

Will Georgia set a season-high for rushing yards?

There have been times this year when Georgia imposed its will through physicality and took over a game with the offensive line and run game. Saturday night was not one of those times, and frankly, it’s a concern. Will it be enough to dispatch Kentucky and Georgia Tech? Yes. LSU or another CFP opponent? Probably not.

Georgia rushed for 179 yards as a team in Starkville. That’s abysmal with the backs Georgia has combined with an experienced offensive line. More glaring? That’s only 109 yards if you take away Ladd McConkey’s 70-yard run.

In the last four games, Georgia has now failed to rush for 200 yards three times.

At some point, this team will need to take a game over late on the ground, and it needs to figure out how to do so soon.

Will Georgia have the same edge as last week?

OK, so the start was slow. The nonsensical closure of the first half made it worse.

Honestly, the way the game flowed was not a stunner coming off the Tennessee game. The cold and playing at Starkville did not help, either. No, Georgia did not chokeslam anyone. It really had the feel of State staying close and Georgia’s goal became just getting out of MSU late at night with a win.

At day’s end, the goal is to handle an outmatched team. That was taken care of.

Can Georgia put this away early?

Obviously, with its most contentious halftime score since the Mizzou game, Georgia did not put this away early.

The start of the third quarter, on the other hand, was a different tale as a pair of touchdowns put the game in the Dawgs hands. Saturday really had the feel of Georgia winning and having a clear upper-hand, even if the score for a bit did not show it.

Sure, it would have been nice to be up 21-0 through a quarter, but it’s also very nice to get another SEC win.

Go Dawgs!