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Chapel Bell Curve Mississippi State Preview: Uga, the Felix Frankfurter of SEC mascots

University of Georgia Campus Photo by John Powell/Replay Photos via Getty Images

Nathan and Justin are back and moving on from the Tennessee victory, casting their qualitative and quantitative gaze toward Starkville. In this clangy episode of Chapel Bell Curve you’ll hear, among other delights:

* Another installment of everyone’s favorite party game: did Mike Leach say that, or was it some other weirdo?

* The 2022 Mississippi State Bulldogs: good at any number of things, but rarely all at the same time.

* Mississippi State has had way more Bulldog mascots than Georgia, because term limits.

* The simple elegance and very real limitations of the classic Air Raid offense (this is not sarcasm, it is genuinely art, and Nathan does a nice job explaining why).

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Go ‘Dawgs!!!!