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Three Answers From UGA-Auburn

Syndication: Online Athens Joshua L. Jones / USA TODAY NETWORK

Who prevails? Georgia’s worn-down defensive line or Tank Bigsby?

Two words. Bear Alexander. He in a big way took advantage of the chance to step up in a big way with Carter out, and in part due to his play, Georgia controlled the line of scrimmage against an outmatched Auburn offensive line that was all bark, no bite, no pun intended.

Bigsby didn’t break off big runs, and that’s exactly what you have to do to shut a back down like that. I know he’s an opposing player, but you in a way feel sorry for the guy for losing a good chunk of change by coming back to The Plains in the offseason.

Can Georgia actually win the early turnover battle?

Georgia’s offensive execution was horrendous in the first half, there’s no disputing that. Stetson Bennett’s early-third quarter turnover cost three points, but the fact that no other turnovers occurred in the first half, that’s a step of improvement, that’s for sure. That does not make up for how putrid the offense looked for the first 30 minutes. 25 passing yards and over the course of the game, Darnell Washington killing two drives with penalties can’t happen. As has been said in this space previously, Georgia has gotten away with doing certain things against opponents it’ll start to face from late October into November.

Will halftime be interrupted by Jimmy Rane grabbing a mic and firing Bryan Harsin at midfield?

No, but given that Auburn was as expected lambasted, Saturday may have accelerated the Harsin exit in Auburn.

Go Dawgs!