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Evening Open Thread: You Ever See A Grown Man Named Jimbo Beg For Mercy?

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Mississippi State
Whose got five fingers on his right hand and is grossly overpaid for the sixth year running? This guy!
Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

If the past 16 years have taught us anything, it’s that nothing beats being a Bulldog fan on a Saturday night after watching the Red and Black beat Auburn in Athens.

So while you sit back and reflect on the fact that Stetson Bennett was eight years old the last time Auburn won a football game in Athens, you can also enjoy some tantalizing football options.

The headline game may well be the 8:00 CBS prime time matchup between Alabama and Texas A&M. This was supposed to be a potential matchup of top five teams between coaches with a well-publicized feud. Instead it looks like a chance for Nick Saban to beat Jimbo Fisher with a 2x4 until it breaks then shove the splinters under his fingernails.

As usual you can find the full TV schedule here, praise be to RedCrake. We’ll be along with full postgame coverage shortly.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!