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Chapel Bell Curve Auburn Preview: The One Where The Man In The Yellow Hat Is Bryan Harsin

Syndication: DesMoines
Look at this adorable young Auburn fan!
Lee Navin/For the Register

You never know what’s around the bend, a big adventure or a brand new friend, when you’re curious, curious about Auburn like Nathan and Justin!

The guys are back to preview Georgia’s upcoming matchup with the Dawgs’ oldest rival, including observations that:

* One of the guys should really watch the movie “Newsies.”

* An exhaustive list of places where old ladies have told Nathan to be intimate with himself (somehow Auburn isn’t on it).

* The dumpster fire-adjacent Auburn offense.

* Tank Bigsby, first of his (incredibly accurate) name.

* Nick Saban and true crime podcasts: more closely related that you’d think!

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Until later…

Go ‘Dawgs!!!