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Friday Dawg Bites Has No Pity For The Aubies

Syndication: The Montgomery Advertiser Jake Crandall / USA TODAY NETWORK

There is no arguing that compared to a few years ago, Auburn has declined as a program. The war-tiger-plainsmen are lot like the Drive By Truckers lyrics that go “sometimes I’m lower than the company I keep.”

This school’s boosters literally tried to get Bryan fired in the offseason but failed, which takes some doing when you also consider that this same school tried and secretly hire Bobby Petrino. So in some ways, Auburn is receiving what it reaped.

But just because Auburn is in dire straits, that is no reason to feel pity on them.

This is the same school that turned its water hoses on Georgia fans, the same one that benefitted from the Jan Kemp scandal in the late 80s and into the 90s, the same one that gloats about Nick Fairley trying to single-handedly paralyze Aaron Murray as SEC officials stood silently and let it go on.

Sure, when someone is on a downturn, it is easy to feel sorry for them. As any of our readers near Columbus will tell you, Auburn fans are insufferable when they win.

As the song says, “I don't care for Auburn.”

Kirby Smart could care less what national media says about this team. Nevertheless, the luster of post-Oregon has worn off, but honestly, could that be a bad thing? This team has transition to battle through, but if there’s a time to realize you are not as good as your press clippings, that time is now.

You know, Georgia didn’t need much motivation for Auburn. But just in case...

Here is the latest injury update, per the Red & Black.

It’s not lost on at least two offensive players, Darnell Washington and Kearis Jackson that the offensive play early on needs to improve..

Is it overdone? Yes. But given that it is Auburn week...

Go Dawgs!