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Three Questions ahead of UGA - Auburn

NCAA Football: Georgia at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The weather may not be cool and overcast before Georgia-Auburn as God himself intended thanks to Auburn’s request to move the game to October being granted, but regardless, the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry renews Saturday afternoon.

Here are three questions to dwell on entering Saturday afternoon’s kickoff.

Who prevails? Georgia’s worn-down defensive line or Tank Bigsby?

Had Jalen Carter not been injured last week (thanks, chop blocks), there would not be much concern here. But Carter’s size makes a difference up front, not to mention his experience. That is not to see the youngsters asked the step up can’t do the job (Georgia controlled the trenches when it had to last week), but Bigsby is one of the more physical runners in space Georgia may face. Thankfully, Auburn’s offensive line is still showing the impact of Gus Malzahn and is softer than Charmin.

Can Georgia actually win the early turnover battle?

There are many reasons to point to for Georgia’s slow starts the past two weeks, but chief among them has been first-half turnovers. Both against Kent and Mizzou, Georgia gave the opposition momentum it did not need, that’s for sure. And that, especially last week, turned into giving the opposing offense a golden chance to score. This team cannot keep playing with fire like that because at some point, the other offense won’t be as inept as Missouri was.

Will halftime be interrupted by Jimmy Rane grabbing a mic and firing Bryan Harsin at midfield?

As entertaining as a Vince McMahon-inspired stunt would be, there is no way that happens. I am partly surprised the Auburn braintrust didn't pink slip Harsin this week to fire everyone up before the Georgia game. But if we see a Jim McIlwain-type WLOCP beatdown, Georgia could take credit for beating Auburn so bad it decided to change coaches.

Go Dawgs!