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Monday ‘Dawg Bites: Bryan Harsin’s Burning Out His Fuse Out There Alone

Syndication: The Montgomery Advertiser
Monday ain’t ready for that smoke, son.

Let me be clear. At this site, we hate Auburn. We hate Auburn in the spring time. We hate Auburn in the fall. We hate Auburn in the summer when it sizzles, we hate Auburn in the winter when it drizzles.

We’ve got a lot of Auburn hating to do this week. So let’s get down to it.

Georgia opens as a big favorite over the Plainsmen, who last week excited fans by surging to a lead against LSU before Auburning it up at the end to lose 21-17.

Our SB Nation colleagues at College and Magnolia have apparently had about as much of the Bryan Harsin Experience as they care to consume. But you have to give the guy credit. Five FBS head coaches have been fired so far this season, and if you’d told me that when we reached that milestone none of them would be the head guy at Auburn I’d have never believed you.

Back on the correct side of the Chattahoochee River (you know, the side where we have indoor plumbing and modern dentistry), Bulldog fans are still coming to terms with Georgia’s close shave against the Missouri Tigers. We already talked extensively about some of the players indispensable to the Dawgs’ escape, but Malaki Starks may have been as critical as anyone. The true freshman is a rising star on the Bulldog defense and, along with guys like Jamon Dumas-Johnson and Bear Alexander, a player the unit can be built around for the future. Barring disaster I expect Georgia to be very good on defense for quite some time.

Every weekend that includes a UGA football victory is a good one. The only thing that could possibly make it better would be, I don’t know, the Braves crushing the Mets head-to-head to take the lead in the NL East. Hey! Would you look at that!

It’s never a bad time for more people to discover that Sir Elton John has been a Braves fan since Mark Lemke and Lonnie Smith were roaming Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium.

Whether you’re a seamstress for the band or we’re born a pauper to a pawn, have a fantastic Monday, and….

Go ‘Dawgs!!!