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Friday Dawg Bites Wonders How Much Longer The Tradition Will Matter

NCAA Football: Georgia at Florida Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

There are many things we debate as Georgia fans. That’s an understatement.

One of them - who is the biggest rival?

In truth - it depends on which fan base you are close to daily.

In Atlanta, the trade school is the one you don’t want to lose to. North Georgia would say Tennessee. West Georgia? Auburn? Those near Augusta would likely say USC Jr and those from South Georgia, naturally, say Florida.

Growing up in South Georgia, the WLOCP got more attention. It was easier to go to, and with it being in Jacksonville, it felt like it was kind of your game, something you had ownership of. It was not hard to know of someone who was going. It was a bone, so to speak, thrown to fans of South Georgia.

It’s a tradition. And traditions are important - but given conference expansion, how important may be altered really soon.

I am not naive, here. I know sports is a big business. But when the Braves moved to Truist Park, sure, it was a great for fans in Cobb, Kennesaw and North Georgia - but not as much if you live south of Atlanta and had to plow through town to barely get to a game on time. It was a clear message that the Braves regarded one segment of their fans over another. Sure, those slighted fans still went to games, but it was a different feel.

The same will hold true if Georgia opts to move away from having the game in Jacksonville. I’m sure that Athens will value more revenue, and that’s great for local taxpayers. But it’ll also send a message that The University of Georgia may as well be the University of the Greater Atlanta Area of Georgia, and that ought not to be the case.

This game means a great deal to Georgia’s South Georgia fan base. It’s an important tradition, and that tradition should be upheld.

If there is any taking Florida lightly, the Red & Black does not sense any of that feeling from Broderick Jones and Kenny McIntosh’s media visit this week.

Seriously. How has it been 15 years since the Gator Stomp?

Bo Nix says that Oregon beats Georgia if the teams played again.

As we say in these here parts....”bless your heart...”

If Georgia wants to emphatically dominate this game, it’ll have to stop Florida on the ground, where the Gators have been successful this year.

If you’re headed know what..I can’t keep track of what they call the former Gator Bowl. Anyway, if you’re without a parking pass, the Florida Times-Union has some pointers.

Is Saturday a defining moment for Napier’s future perception in Gainesville? One perspective from south of the state line says yes.