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Around the SEC is Disciplined

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the last week of October, so you know what that means: time to hate Florida extra hard.

*Extra hating commences*

While we exert our focus and energy into disliking Florida’s 4th or 5th best team, let’s see what’s happening around the SEC.

  • Alabama coach Nick Saban failed to suspend former UGA wide receiver Jermaine Burton after multiple videos allegedly caught him striking a woman who stormed the field after the Vols’ upset over the Tide. Saban stated that Burton, as well as the rest of the team, were “scared” and he didn’t feel a suspension was necessary. Saban is catching some heat for his lack of discipline, which has also been noted that an undisciplined coaching staff tends to lead to an undisciplined team (see: 17 penalties versus Tennessee, 15 penalties versus Texas). This clearly reeks of Saban thinking he is smarter and better than everyone else while also needing all the help at WR he can muster. As for Burton, this clearly is not the best look for him and one that doesn’t have many Dawg fans wishing he was still in the Red and Black… the jerseys I mean. Not the student publication, though this is definitely the type of incident that would make the front page of the Red and Black.
  • LSU was fined $250,000 for their fans storming the field after they beat Ole Miss. Let’s see if they also run a vague fundraiser to pay the fine.
  • Texas A&M has suspended three freshmen ahead of their game against Ole Miss. Things are going great in College Station; it would be a shame if their coach had an $85 million dollar buyout.

It’s Georgia-Florida, and not the other way around. Go Dawgs!