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Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Is Ready To Get Physical

Auburn v Georgia Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Welcome to Tuesday, Bulldog Fans! We’re officially in (another) Hate Week so feel that fire of a thousand suns fueled by the fire of a thousand suns flow through you, use those aggressive feelings. And while I can feel your hatred for all things Gator, we do not recommend or condone picking up your light sabre and striking down anyone whatsoever (thanks, mgmt).

In 1980, the Bulldogs emerged victorious from Jacksonville 26-21. You may have heard of a certain scramble and particular run after the catch from that contest. The next season, Georgia once again beat Florida 26-21. Last year, Georgia beat Florida 34-7. I’ll take that every day and twice on Sunday’s this year.

No matter the 22 point Vegas line, no matter a 1-3 SEC record, no matter Kirby Smart’s 4-1 record in Jacksonville in non-COVID seasons; this is the Cocktail Party. And strange things happen on the banks of the St. Johns River. Some of them are even on the field of play. With both teams coming off a bye week to heal up, prepare, and scheme up, the difference may simply be which team wants it more. Which one is going to step up and impose it’s will on the jersey across the line of scrimmage. Which team is going to be more Physical.

So let’s go back to 1981 to get more of that deja vu mojo. And Let’s Get Physical:

Now onto news and notes of the Georgia Bulldog variety:

The football team faced a rare shut-out in SEC Weekly awards, a bye week will do that to a body, but there are still some Bulldogs being honored. Former ‘Dawg wideout Mohamed Massaquoi has been chosen as a 2022 Arch Award honoree by the UGA Athletic Association. #1 was a force during the Stafford/Richt years, and I’m glad he’s getting recognition after his playing career.

One quick note before we get back to hating Florida: the Tennessee game time and broadcast partner has been officially named. To the surprise of no one, CBS wielded whatever influence it has left to get the Vols visiting Athens November 5th to kickoff at 3:30 pm. A night game in Athens this season? Somebody better start pulling some strings.

Head football coach Kirby Smart held his game week press conference Monday, and it went according to form. (By the way, the first time a scheduled Kirby Smart press conference coordinated by Claude Felton goes off the rails, please let me know. Because I will be watching pigs fly and wondering what becomes of the souls in hell after the freeze). Dawgnation gives a pretty good summation here, but I can give you a video link here if you’d like to watch the entirety.

One thing still questionable is the status of DT Jalen Carter. Carter has been sidelined since the Missouri game after drawing an interesting double-team from the Mizzou offensive line. And the Banner-Herald looks a little more at what missing our defensive line may be missing and why it matters.

Is there more impetus to moving the annual Georgia-Florida game? It would appear so. Kirby’s desire for a true home-and-home come down to... wait for it... recruiting. Jere Morehead’s reasons might come down to... believe it or not... the increasing revenue and expense reimbursement from playing in Jacksonville. Don’t expect an announcement any time soon. Unless UT and OU move overto the SEC early in which case a lot of things will be turned on their heads.

That’s all for the moment. But it’s Florida Hate Week, so don’t miss out on any opportunities you have to degrade the terminal point of I-75 and overall septic system of the eastern seaboard. If you need a reminder, just check the web address of this article. And as always...